Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation

Windows program for technical calculation of sprinkler systems, calculation method as per Hazen-Williams and Darcy-Weisbach, foaming agents, calculation as per NFBA13, British Standard BS 9251, VdS

€ 2.000Purchase
€ 357SaaS quarterly
€ 995SaaS annually

Sprinkler Professional

CAD System for planning and calculating sprinkler systems in layout, incl. calculation of sprinkler networks

€ 3.400Purchase
€ 597SaaS quarterly
€ 1.589SaaS annually

The Desktop Manager is the necessary basic system for each user.

SaaS: Software as a Service, licences can be rented quarterly or annually. SaaS licenses already include the maintenance costs. All prices plus VAT, shipping and insurance. Subject to changes.

Sprinkler Professional